Lethal Force Encounter

To provide officers with a clear understanding of the importance of being prepared mentally, physically, and professionally in handling Lethal Force Encounters.

You will learn the many varied changes that can and do occur in the human’s brain and in the human body when sudden stress such as a lethal force incident occurs.

The student will learn about tunnel vision, heightened sight, decreased hearing abilities, “deer in the headlights syndrome” and other factors that play into a use of force/lethal force encounter.

Learn what Officer’s have found occurs to them as well as what Civilians observe and what witnesses say really happened. There are usually time distortions, special distortions, recognition distortions and other such phenomena that are important in the full picture of the lethal encounter that occurred.

We will examine several landmark cases such as Tennessee v Gardner and Graham v Conner. Last but not least, we plan to heighten officer awareness and prepare them and their families for the aftermath of a Lethal Force Encounter and also inform officers of the function of a Peer Support Unit.