Building Self Team Agency

The best leaders throughout history have been those who have forged a new way that has been sustainable and strong. The referent powered leaders primarily appealed to people through their character – integrity and other values – that ensure people trust them enough to leave the comfort of the known and follow them into uncharted territory.

This is an important attribute when leading a group of police officers. In communities all over the United States we are finding leaders refusing to stand by one’s beliefs, to commit to integrity and values in times of shifting sands because it takes great courage and inner strength and there is ALWAYS a price to pay. Some police leaders have learned the art of self-sustainability; they have tapped the resources within enabling them to endure the road to creating or sustaining an agency full of commitment, internalization and innovation.

They have learned the art of Modeling, Motivating, Mentoring and Multiplying.

During this 8 hour course emphasis will be placed on the power of eight.

The response to stress is either fight or flight, police officer can’t do either; but we can WITHDRAW.  The Power to WITHDRAW is about perspective. It gives clarity and coolness, as well as the ability to change a situation.
The Power to WITHDRAW fortifies and works as the pivot for the Power to Discriminate (Discern).

This is the power of using the higher intellect. It is the art of consulting the most conscientious self to understand the knowledge of truth and falsehood, right and wrong, reality and illusion, benefit and loss.

3. Power to JUDGE (DECIDE)
This is the power of truth, the power to choose truth, to stand alone in that truth no matter what. It is intrinsically connected to the Power to DISCRIMINATE, and takes much of its strength from that power.


Whenever something – a situation, a person, an event – is awkward or out of kilter, the Heroic Leader has the Power to ACCOMMODATE. This is the power to accept ‘what is’ rather than to sing the song of disappointment. The power to embrace the obstacle. This obstacle good or bad is there for a purpose. The purpose is to create growth in the leader.

5. Power to TOLERATE
The Power to TOLERATE is the power to handle whatever anyone doles out. It is the power to see beyond the behavior, recognizing and then dealing with the motivation which drives the behavior. People who look to you for leadership will test you as a child tests its parents. If you pass the test by not reacting but rather answering their deeper need, you will win their trust.
The Power to TOLERATE provides insight and maturity to the leader. It is the supporting power of the Power to Face.

6. Power to COOPERATE
In many ways the Power to COOPERATE is the culmination of all powers. It requires the leader to be free from vice – ego, jealousy/envy, attachment, lust, anger, greed. The leader must be free from anything that would impede him from being an instrument for a task. The Power to COOPERATE enables the leader to step in and contribute whatever is needed for the completion of a task.

7. Power to LET GO
This is the power to cut away everything that is destructive, useless and wasteful. This power connects deeply with the Power to WITHDRAW.

8. Power to FACE
The Power to FACE is ruthless and does not in any way accommodate untruth or corruption, whether within our own character or in external situations. Because this power sits opposite the Power to TOLERATE, the underlying drive is love. This brings a balanced approach to dealing with “demons”.