Lt. Henry Levenson

Lt. Henry Levenson
Henry (Hank) Levenson retired as a Lieutenant in 2005 after 26 years of service with the Gretna Louisiana Police Department.  Hank retired as a Patrol Commander for a Department of over 90 sworn officers; where he supervised Officers Sergeants, , Emergency Medical personnel and 911 Dispatchers. He is a Louisiana State Post Certified Instructor, and throughout his career taught in the Training Academy, managed special projects such as Supervisor of the Crime Scene Division, coordination and management of multi-jurisdictional events and Mardi Gras parades, and large multi-day festivals. 

Although he retired just prior to Hurricane Katrina, he returned to his department to run the Operations Center during the emergency and first several weeks of the recovery.    

Hank Graduated from the Southern Police Institutes 79th Administrative Officer’s Course at the University of Louisville, earned a Bachelor of Arts in the Administration of Criminal Justice from Mountain State University and has a Masters Degree in Justice Administration from Norwich University.
During his career with the Gretna PD Hank started teaching for the US Department of Justice Regional Community Policing Institutes (RCPI) National Network and the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC).  He continues to consult for the RCPI’s and FLETC. along with other Governmental and Corporate Organizations. . Hanks areas of instructional expertise include:

•             Human Trafficking/Domestic Violence
•             Franklin Covey’s Seven Habits for Law Enforcement Professionals
•             Diversity Centered Leadership and Communication
•             Managing Generational Differences in Law Enforcement
•             Responding to Disasters and other topics