The Leadership Paradox

Evolutionary and Revolutionary Growth

The demands on police departments to develop excellent leaders who can set vision and direction but also create strong team-based units is crucial. It is vital because police personnel, particularly at the leadership level, change jobs on a regular basis therefore they must be up-and-running in their new roles within a short time period; otherwise, the consequences for their units and their agencies can have far-reaching results.

This leadership model provides a very accurate description of different leadership styles that help
identify difficulties, encourage flexibility and the capacity to adapt to change. To succeed, continual self-mastery is essential, having an insight into your leadership style can move you and the process forward, giving you a huge advantage when negotiating with colleagues.

Because policies often need to be implemented quickly and effectively; this model works extremely well in predicting how teams can get stuck, providing ways to resolve the issues and create a healthy feedback system to deal with conflict. Good teamwork is vital and it is the leader's job to know the staff's communication styles as well as how to work with them under pressure without alienating them; as the best results are achieved when the representative works with an inner circle.

Carrying the wisdom of the ages, this model provides solutions in the modern era that can take us into the future by providing the understanding that everyone has a contribution to make and that true greatness comes from having the honestly and courage to lead.

This course is about the reality and the intense challenges of leadership that is filled with complexity, demands, unpredictability, excitement, entertaining, and rewarding. We will explore how to interact effectively with others under both stressful and exhilarating circumstances. We are seeking evolutionary and revolutionary growth in our participants.  

At the conclusion of this course you will be well on your way to Self-Mastery by:

Become an excellent communicator
Lead high performing teams
Take charge of change
Make optimal decisions
Drive for results
Know the business (Think & Act Strategically)
Develop your talent
Collaborate across the board