Benefits for Host Agency
Hosting one of our law enforcement courses is a unique way for an agency to bring high caliber training to your area.  It also provides an opportunity to network with officers and civilians from other law enforcement and public safety agencies. As the host of our training course, your agency is responsible for providing a training facility and some of the audio visual equipment. You will be responsible for providing assistance in marketing to officers from departments and agencies in surrounding areas.

Cost-Effective Training
Complimentary Seats: The host agency will receive 2 complimentary seats for 20 participants as a thank you for providing the classroom space. Additionally up to 4 seats may be complimentary based on 30 plus participants enrolled in the class.

Budgetary Concerns: Budgetary constraints facing most agencies negatively affect the ability to obtain quality training; at the same time many states require mandatory annual in-service training commitments. The host program can be extremely beneficial in reducing costs for host agencies.

Additional Reduction of Costs: Since the course is held at or near your agency, officers are away from their department for a reduced amount of time. This cuts down on travel time and hotel expenses for your agency, therefore cost is virtually eliminated.

Quality, Customizable, Marketable, and Valuable Programs, Professional Training: LION offers training in a wide variety of critical law enforcement topics-- training provided by instructors who are recognized experts in their field.

Leadership Role in Your Region: By hosting a L.I.O.N. training program, your agency can participate as a leader in the professional development of law enforcement personnel from your agency and other area agencies. Receiving participants from your local and larger geographic area gives you the opportunity to demonstrate your agency’s commitment to professional training and to showcase your agency to others.

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