Performance and Accountability

Performance & Accountability presents managers and supervisors with a clear model they can follow to plan, monitor, analyze, and maintain a satisfying process of performance improvement for their staff.  Performance  and Accountability!  provides the tools organizations need to help employees achieve a greater level of ownership, effectiveness and increased productivity in their work tasks and activities. 

Participants who attend this 2 day workshop will learn to help themselves and others view accountability as an ongoing process and a method for achieving personal and professional effectiveness. 

The workshop presents a simple-to-use method (or cycle) of accountability common to all tasks - responsibility, empowerment, and accountability that addresses the before, during and after phase of any work assignment or task. 

The workshop offers tools and strategies to help participants ensure every task has a clearly defined owner and agreement; empower themselves and others to keep their agreements; hold others accountable for what they agreed to do; be accountable without becoming defensive; and learn from mistakes.  When managed properly, this culture of accountability can result in consistently met deadlines, clearly defined roles and expectations, improved supervisor-to-employee and peer-to-peer relationships and increased team efficiency.

Focus on the Cycle of Accountability

RESPONSIBILITY: The "Before" Phase: Establishing a mindset of ownership for the task and taking responsibility for getting it done 

EMPOWERMENT: The "During" Phase: Doing whatever is necessary to complete the task, including identifying action steps, a timeline and using necessary resources 

ACCOUNTABILITY: The "After" Phase: Owning the outcome of the task, good or bad, acknowledging it and learning from the experience