Meet a few of our happy customers from around the country.

Below are comments about some of the courses taught:

Advanced Field Training Officer Course
Excellent instructor who really go the class engaged in discussion. A very good learning environment. I will be recommending all our FTO's and supervisors attend this course. (Sgt. Paul Norris - Prosper Police Department)

Instructor knew the content thoroughly and communicated it effectively.
(Officer David Tatsak - Southlake Police Department)

Great class. I hope more and more supervisors and FTO's implement these thoughts and theories to change the culture of police work in order to build great working relationships with employees. I have taken the 3 week "Leadership in Texas Police Departments" course and have put some of the theories in motion and have seen a huge positive impact on my shift. Thank you.  (Sgt. John Ruiz - Cibolo Police Department)

Instructor showed a vast amount of knowledge of the subject. Very open group discussion and involvement that fostered an outstanding learning environment. (Officer Time Gutierrez - UT System Police, San Antonio Texas)

Very good information that I can actually apply. One of the best trainings I've taken in 8 years. Greatness.
(Cpl Jessie Peterson -Highland Village Police Department)

First Line Supervisors Course
Excellent course – content was very relative and informative. Instructor Alexander was extremely knowledgeable in the area of leadership. He was thorough in explaining his point of and giving examples that were easily related to you and your experience
(Mid-Rio Grande Training Academy)

Ethics and Integrity
Mr. Alexander was an excellent instructor. He was very real and did not stand before us and preach ethics in a manner as if he was perfect, he shared some of his personal experiences which made the class very real and relatable. (Del Rio Police Department)

Resilient B.A.D.G.E. for supervisors
This was the type of training every supervisor should have. It should not be an option, it must be mandatory for all supervisors. The topic brought up in discussion are matters that affect our department everyday. If we do not prepare our supervisors with the tools and training to deal with these situations who will? (San Antonio Police Department)

Hidden Hazards
Many of the stress reactions mentioned in the class in currently see in my officers and saw in myself as I progressed through my career. I think this class could be a start in the change of culture for the department I work for.  This class give me the opportunity to look deeper into performance issues and not automatically assume they are burnout. (United States Marshals Office)

Developing Leadership in Texas Law Enforcement
Mr. Alexander now than I have completed the three week leadership course, I wanted to take a moment to thank you for your time during the first two weeks of the course. I truly appreciate your desire to equip today’s law enforcement leaders with the necessary tools to perform with excellence. (Patrol Corporal – Victoria County Sheriff’s Office)

Developing Leadership in Texas Law Enforcement
Mr. Alexander I enjoyed the course that you taught in Longview. I wanted to let you know that our promotional material had much of the information that you discussed with our class. Your class brought real life to the stuff I read in books for six months. Thank you very much for the information (Tyler Police Department)

Resilient B.A.D.G.E. for supervisors
Thank you sir. The statistics on the divorce rate and health problems were one of the key facts I wanted to share with some of the other guys in the unit. (Sgt. San Antonio Police Department)

Resilient B.A.D.G.E. for supervisors
Mr. Alexander based on information shared in your class, I will be seeking assistance to assess whether I suffer from PTSD. Thank you very much for the information share in this outstanding class. (Alice Police Department)

Resilient B.A.D.G.E. for supervisors
I found the training to be interesting and helpful to law enforcement personnel. I found the personality assessment discussion to be a unique part of the presentation, a part that need to be expanded. Understanding the different personality styles and strategies leaders can utilize in communicating with these styles. As you are aware and as emphasized in the  presentation, the way leaders can effectively communicate with subordinates makes a significant impact on the resiliency of a department. (S.A. PD Staff Psychologist)

Building Leadership with Integrity

On 06/13-15/2012, I had the privilege to attend the Law Enforcement Management Training sponsored by the South Texas High Intensity Drug Areas (HIDTA).  

Instructor Mike Alexander was exceptionally knowledgeable,
professional, and prepared.  I would like to express my gratitude for being able to receive such useful training and I would highly recommend that everyone in a leadership or management role attend this training.

Special Agent John E. Truehitt
Federal Bureau of Investigation
Waco, Texas

Building Leadership with Integrity
Mr. Alexander, I enjoyed you class very much. By far, you are the finest instructor I have met in my 32 years of service. Keep up the good work, Thanks. “Friend forever” Sgt. R.D. Alice Police Dept.

Developing Leaders Course College Station
Mr. Hesser and Mr. Alexander,

Please accept our gratitude for your commitment to teach the Developing Leaders Course in College Station over the last three months.  We truly consider it to be  a required course for our staff at the College Station Police Department.  Please check your calendar and advise potential dates you and Mr. Alexander would be available to teach the course again in 2015.  There are several other members in our department that would like to attend.  We will be glad to host all three weeks. 

I hope we can make this happen again.  Please let me know if there is anything that we can do to improve in our host agency responsibilities.  We will do whatever we can to accommodate your needs.


Lt. Steve Brock
Recruiting and Training Division
College Station Police Department
City of College Station
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